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The Power of Cosmetic Medical Procedures


Academy Laser Clinic Sydney offers state of the art laser treatments by Australia’s leading Doctors. Located in Crows Nest Sydney the clinics offers skin rejuvenation and skin tightening treatments with CO2 Dot laser.

This advanced state of the art laser can be customised for nearly every skin type and condition and is used to combat the signs of ageing, sun, acne and busy lifestyles that are not kind to our skin.

Fractionated CO2 Dot laser works by delivering thousands of tiny microbeams (DOTs) that penetrate the skin and trigger a natural healing process which forms  new healthy collagen.


The first step is the initial consultation where the doctors assess the patient’s skin to determine and advise the patient on the best treatment plan.

Pre treatment a topical retinoid acid or skin lightening cream can help prepare the skin.

Approximately 30-60 minutes before the treatment begins a numbing cream is applied The treatment takes between 10-60 minutes depending on the area and condition being treated. Most patients opt to apply topical PRP post-CO2 DOT Laser to help stimulate collagen production and faster healing.

Post treatment ups should avoid direct sinlight and active sun creams until the skin is fully healed. Cold packs may be applied to relieve and help dissipate the heat.

A post treatment care plan involves Statacel gel for a few days followed by QV moisturiser until healed. Never pick at the area as there is an increase risk of scarring.


Skin tightening and clarity are observed immediately following recovery but the full results take up to 6 months with the re-modelling of new collagen continuing for up to a year.

To maintain good results, it is possible to have a refresher CO2 DOT treatment every year or so.


Erection problems now have a better solution. The PRP Procedure only uses substances naturally found in the body; concentrated blood platelets and growth factors. These are utilized  to trigger repair and regeneration of tissue and vessels in the penis.

This generates enhanced blood flow and nerve sensitivity thereby helping the patient to achieve and maintain a normal healthy erection. Because the PRP Procedure also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin there’s the added benefit of rejuvenating the cosmetic appearance of the penis’ skin.

There extraction method used for PRP, at CALIBRE Clinic, is a system called EmCyte PurePRPII, which is the most advanced and highly concentrated extraction system available. PRP Procedure makes an excellent complimentary treatment to CALIBRE Clinic’s male enlargement procedure.


The first step is the initial confidential Doctor consultation. This is the most important aspect of the procedure as it is important to identify what is causing the problems and to ensure you get the correct treatment for erectile dysfunction, as well as to discuss realistic expectations and raise any questions or concerns prior to treatment.

The procedure starts with extraction of a small amount of blood, which is then put in the advanced centrifuge system, to precisely extract the required components, including platelets and monocytes. This process takes around 20 minutes.

An anesthetic cream will be used to numb your penis and the concentrated PRP is injected into those areas of the penis which are most important for blood flow. This part of the process takes approximately 10 minutes. Patients experience some swelling and inflammation during the treatment, which is expected and will subside with 1-2 days.


Post treatment, the area may be swollen for up to 48 hours but this will reduce as the fluid is reabsorbed into the body. It’s also normal to experience a little bruising and tenderness.

Make sure the area is kept clean for a week and you refrain from sexual activity and strenuous activity for the first 3 days after your treatment.

The majority of patients will see that the skin of the penis looks more hydrated within the first week from treatment, and tissue regeneration will start after about 3-4 weeks. Several sessions may be arranged 4-8 weeks apart.

For most people results of the PRP Procedure remain noticeable for about 12-15 months. An annual top up session is recommended however as ageing and lifestyle factors continue to have an effect so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of PRP.

The overall results may vary among patients depending on individual circumstances.


A mini face lift, or slift is a good choice for people aged between 45 and 55 years old. The treatment offers similar results to a full face lift but doesn’t go as far as a full face lift with regard to lifting the face or heavily sagging necks. The name comes from the ‘S’ shaped incisions which are made in front of the ear as part of the procedure. Through these incisions, the underlying tissue is lifted to give a more youthful appearance.


The first step is an initial consultation with Dr Jayson Oats. If you are a suitable candidate for an S-Lift and want to proceed, surgery and pre-operative care is scheduled usually 3-4 weeks prior to your surgery date.

The pre-operative care program that is delivered by the nurse and dermal therapist team and involves a course of glycolic peels to prepare your skin for surgery.

The surgery is a 2 hour procedure where incisions are made to the front of ear creases allowing the deeper layer of soft tissue to be tightened and elevated. Bandages are applied on completion of the surgery.

After the procedure patients remain in the recovery room for 1-2 hour before being taken home by a family member or friend. The next day you will return to the clinic to have the bandages removed by the nurse and a facial garment applied that is specifically designed for the S-Lift recovery purpose.

5 or 6 days after surgery the stitches will be removed by the Academy team and at this stage makeup can be applied to cover any bruising or swelling that remains. If your swelling is higher, Dr Oates may recommend for the facial garment to be worn up to an extra week during sleep.

Following the procedure a maintenance program will be recommended by your dermal therapist.


Recovery from this surgery generally takes several weeks. Swelling and bruising varies from patient to patient depending on the extent of your surgery. Slight swelling may persist for up to 8 weeks. Most people don’t return to work until after 10-14 days.