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18 Shake: Review of Meal Replacement Shake

For you who are planning for losing some weight, 18 Shake can be an interesting product that might be considered in helping you lose your weight successfully. 18 Shake is meal replacement shake that designed for increasing energy and losing your weight quickly only uses natural ingredients that contain high protein and fiber that fully needed in weight loss program.  It sounds impressive, isn’t it? No wonder that 18 shake was rates as the Best Diet Shake of 2017. However, the most important question is whether or not this product really works in weight loss. Therefore, we are going to have a review of this product to see what kind of solution that 18 shake provide in weight loss.

Quality of Ingredients

One of the most important factor in meal replacement shake or any weight loss product is the quality of Ingredients. The quality of Ingredients that used will determine the quality of the products. There are many cases that found weight loss products contain some unsupportive ingredients which don’t give any expected result, even increasing the weight.

18 Shake becomes the Best Diet Shake of 2017 due to its quality of ingredients. Whey protein that contained in 18 Shake has been believed as ingredient that gives great benefit. Whey protein is source of amino acids that play important role in weight loss or diet program. Moreover, Whey protein is easy to digest and very important in developing strong immune system.

The amount of sugar in a weight loss product or meal replacement shake has been a serious issue that should be considered. There are many products that add high sugar to enhance the taste. However, it has quite serious side effect. The high amount of sugar can really affect the blood sugar level and increase the weight significantly. 18 Shake uses stevia which provides 1 gram of sugar per serving. With stevia, 18 shake can help you manage the blood sugar level and prevent the weight gain. Moreover, stevia is also 150 times sweeter than regular sugar, so it can enhance the taste without giving any adverse effect.

Besides whey protein and sugar, another important ingredient in meal replace shake is fiber. Fiber is important component to support the digestive system. However, some common fiber source will produce excessive gas or bloating. 18 Shakes solve this problem by using digestive resistant maltodextrin for its fiber source. This fiber source is believed to be good for gut bacterial that play important role in healthy digestive system and pressing the appetite.

The Effect of Ingredients

18 Shake is known as meal replace shake that only uses natural ingredients that can help you lose your weight healthily. Each Ingredient plays its important role and gives some effect to your whole body system. Here are some natural ingredients and their effects in weight loss.

  1.             Duo Protein Complex

Duo protein complex that contains in this shake might be the main reason why 18 Shake is the best meal replacement shake have ever made. 18 shake uses whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate for the source of amino acids. Both proteins are the extraction form of cheese. Whey is an easy way that you can use to digest proteins that contains all essential amino acids. These types of amino acids should be supplemented with foods and when it is used in meal replace shake, you need to ensure that you get the precise amount of it. As a source of amino acids, whey is known to be healthier than any types of protein. Moreover, it can be absorbed faster than other form of protein which will be very helpful for you who combine weight loss program and exercise or workout. So you can make your lean muscle grow stable.

Whey protein also contains high amount of amino acid L-cysteine which can be very helpful to avoid some condition that occurs during aging and diabetes. It also the richest source of amino acid compared with other source of protein such as soy and plant protein. Whey protein will not cause some condition that caused by form of protein such as estrogenic and digestibility problem.

  1.             Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin

Fiber is well known as important component in meal replacement shake. 18 Shake uses digestive resistant maltodextrin as the source of fiber. It is soluble fiber that will help your body to digest the food better. It is fermented by good bacterial which will produce energy and keep the acid in the best level for the intestine. Unlike other source of fiber, digestive resistant maltodextrin will be slowly digested which can help you avoid gas and bloating. It is also a good food for good gut bacteria that play important role immune system. Gut bacteria is related to the mood. Therefore, the digestive resistant maltodextrin can possibly boost your mood. Besides playing important role in digestive system, as the soluble fiber, digestive resistant maltodextrin is also very helpful in preventing some diseases and promoting health.

  1.             Natural Cocoa

In 18 shake, you can also find the extract of natural cacao bean. This nutritious ingredient will give some great benefits such as lowering cholesterol, preventing the blood clots, lower blood pleasure, and others. Natural cacao also contains some minerals such calcium and potassium that give healthy effects.

  1.             Stevia Extract

18 shake uses stevia extract as the sweetener instead of sugar. There are some benefits that you can get from stevia extract. It has no calorie which means that there is no effect in weight gain. Although it is many times sweeter than sugar, stevia extract will not influence the blood level. Stevia extract also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effect, so it is not only enhance the taste, but also safely and healthy for our body.


Is it worth it to spend $59.99 for 18 shake? If we take a look at the all natural ingredients and the benefits of each ingredient for our body and diet weigh loss program, we can say that it is absolutely worth it. With 19 grams protein, 5 gram fiber, 18 vitamins and mineral and it only contains 1 gram of sugar and only produces 90 calories, 18 shake is definitely becomes the luxury meal replacement shake.